Your Island Escape – Yoga on the Gilis

With yoga and wellness retreats becoming increasingly popular across the globe, many people are recognising  Bali and in particular the Gili Islands, as the perfect quiet oasis to experience all the benefits that these practices can bring. With each island telling its own story, the amazing beaches, stunning sunsets and the total ban on motorised transport, enable the Gili Islands to offer visitors a range of places to relax and immerse themselves in this tropical paradise. This provides the ultimate escapism and BASK aims to encapsulate this seclusion and sanctuary in its world-class facilities.

BASK will offer guests the perfect balance of mindfulness and fitness, providing a 360-degree revolutionary workout experience suitable for everyone. Whether you are after a holistic, intense or a more social workout, the fitness centre will boast a combination of leading gym trends and customer demands in the unique setting of Gili Meno.

And after your workout, what better way to unwind than in BASK’s state of the art, beautifully crafted spa area. With its delicate details and environmentally friendly, modern appeal, this is the epicentre of escapism at BASK.


Yoga is almost as popular as diving on the Gili Islands with many different types of yoga and centres to choose from. Whether you want to join a yoga class, find your own seclusion on the palm lined, white sand beaches, or try your hand at sunrise or sunset paddleboard yoga, there is something for all levels.

When it opens in early 2020, BASK will offer its own yoga options, but in the meantime, we have selected a few suggestions for you to consider.

Sunset Beach Yoga on Gili Trawangan offers you the chance to reconnect with nature in its beautiful treetop shala. Indulge in blissful views during the daily drop-in classes as you listen to the sound of the calming ocean.

Credit: Sunset Beach Yoga

H2O Yoga located on Gili Air, allows guests to witness the breathtaking sunrise over Mt Rinjani and the sunset behind Mt Agung as they enjoy a range of daily yoga classes, mediation and interactive workshops as well as a variety of holistic healing treatments.

Credit: H2O Yoga

Seri Resort on Gili Meno offers yoga classes in the serene tropical setting of its two-level bamboo yoga centre. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind and practice yoga and meditation.

Mao Meno is a hidden gem on Gili Meno and specialises in retreats and events in a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Mandalablue Yoga located on the waterfront on the east coast of Gili Air, combines the two passions of many who visit the Gili Islands, yoga and the ocean, and offers drop-in classes for all levels. Not only are there a range of different yoga practices offered, you are also able to take your yoga to a new level and find harmony with their stand up paddleboard yoga class.

The Gili Islands have been tempting travellers for decades by offering a true feeling of heaven on earth and bringing you to a new level of mind, body, and spirit.

If yoga and spas are not your thing, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy, read our Chill Vs Thrill Blogs for more ideas.

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