Designing Paradise – Blending Indonesian Aesthetics with Contemporary Comfort

To achieve a design that celebrated one of the world’s most idyllic islands, whilst preserving its authenticity and remaining ecological sustainable, required an exceptional team of architects and designers. With that in mind, Gary Fell of GFAB Architects delivered a concept that combined the laid-back style of mid-century architecture with a tropical aesthetic. Throughout the design, Gary maintained BASK’s commitment to preserving the natural surroundings with the inclusion of sustainable materials and environmentally neutral technology.

The Design


BASK’s architecture blends open-plan living with a contemporary spin on indigenous structures. Neighbouring fishing hamlets, with their thatched roofs and bamboo frames, serve as inspiration for the resort’s architectural design. Bordered by 300m of white sand beaches to the front and a freshwater lake to the rear, the resort and villas have been designed to showcase the stunning surroundings whilst ensuring the barefoot elegance of Gili Meno was retained. Sliding glass partitions and a timber tracery encourage a seamless flow from outdoor enjoyment to indoor luxury. Private terraces and plunge pools add to the feeling of an exclusive hideaway.

Trend-transcendent interior designs carefully blend local craftsmanship with a contemporary style and quality. Every modern refinement is complimented with a general island ease.

Set within coastal panoramic views, the Beachclub serves as the epicentre of BASK’s innovative approach to cultural programming and hosting. The separate areas of the Beachclub will provide something for everyone, from the showcase kitchen offering theatrical cooking to the unique underwater bar, SPLASH, and sunken terraced lounges which provide a one-of-a-kind outlook.

BASK’s wellness facility will provide a revolutionary workout experience for everyone. The open, light and spacious studio and fitness rooms will feature ultra-modern amenities and sweeping views of Gili Meno’s lake, while the spa will provide the centrepiece of escapism at BASK. The beautifully crafted design, with its delicate details and environmentally friendly, modern approach, will heighten your experience, allowing you to relax, escape and enjoy sweeping eastern views of Mount Rinjani and the lake.

BASK Gili Meno has already earned 11 awards including Best New Hotel Construction & Design Indonesia from the Asia Pacific Property Awards and Best Landscape Architectural Design from the Indonesia Property Awards.

The Team

BASK’s enlistment of Gary Fell and GFAB Architects served to underline its commitment to distinctive design and sustainable practices. Gary Fell is the multi-award-winning architect responsible for BASK’s unique combination of contemporary comfort, timeless practicality and a tropical sanctuary. Gary’s creations are informed by a clean aesthetic that segue gracefully into the landscape.

Anton Clark, Founder and Director of Bali Landscaping Company is responsible for delivering all of the landscaping work at Bask Gili Meno. Anton’s design, which was awarded Best Landscape Architectural Design, enhances the existing landscape and celebrates the islands natural beauty while creating natural seclusion throughout the resort.

The sustainability programme, is integral to all aspects of Bask Gili Meno and landscaping is no different.  Selecting indigenous plants is vital. Bali Landscaping Company propagated plants that are stronger and more durable to the conditions that exist on an isolated island and have minimal water usage.

BASK successfully blends Balinese aesthetics with sustainable materials and practices that are juxtaposed with the unspoilt nature, BASK offers a tropical refuge that is at the forefront of global trends in resort living.

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