BASK Nest – Underwater Sculpture by world renowned Jason DeCaires Taylor


Location: BASK Gili Meno, Indonesia? Depth: 4m

The hauntingly beautiful sculpture comprises of a circle of 48 life-size figures encircling yet more figures on the sea floor. Designed by Jason deCaires Taylor, the interlocking pieces connect to provide a platform for marine life to colonise and inhabit. As corals continue to form on the pH neutral sculptures, more and more marine life will form.

Gifted to the local community by BASK Gili Meno, the man-made reef is situated in shallow water which is a short swim from the beach. It is fast becoming the number one must see attraction on the Gili Islands, with local boat companies providing regular trips to the sculptures from the surrounding islands.

Behind the Design – Jason DeCaires Taylor?

Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer. He became the first of a new generation of artists to shift the concept of the land art movement into the marine environment and is recognised for his eco-friendly underwater sculptures.

Taylor’s work spans several continents including the Caribbean, the Canary Islands and even in the Thames in his home country of Britain. Over the past 10 years, he has created several large-scale underwater “Museums” and “Sculpture Parks”, with collections of over 850 life-size public works. BASK Nest is the first of its kind in Indonesia.

His work is not only designed to provide public art, but works of art that seek to encourage environmental awareness, instigate social change and lead us to appreciate the breathtaking natural beauty of the underwater world.

“First and foremost, BASK Nest is an environmental space. The figures are arranged in a circular formation as an echo of the circle of life, and they will soon teem with life. Soft corals and sponges should flourish quickly paving the way for delicate hard corals and a fully established reef”, said deCaires Taylor.

Images of some of Jason DeCaires Taylors’ work

Reef Rejuvenation and Sustainability Benefits

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of the BASK management team’s mind. With forty percent of the world’s coral reefs being lost over the past few decades and with scientists predicting more being at risk, BASK commissioned the installation of BASK Nest as a reminder to visitors of the many fragile treasures beneath the sea.

The sculptures are used to instigate growth and the subsequent changes intended to explore the aesthetics of decay, rebirth and metamorphosis.  Within the relatively short period, since it was installed, BASK Nest has already become home to corals, sponges and diverse fish species.

As these organisms populate the reef, its overall biomass will increase, with BASK Nest enhancing its resilience and becoming an integral nursery for native species, which in turn is encouraging other marine life. This paves the way for delicate hard corals and eventually, a fully established reef will form safeguarding Gili Meno’s fragile ecosystem as well as enhancing the diving and snorkeling experience on the Gili Islands.

What Can You Expect To See?

The warm waters around the islands are teeming with marine life including turtles, moray eels, octopus, cuttlefish, rays, sea snakes, white tip and black tip reef sharks, bumphead, parrot fish and clown fish. At BASK Nest you can expect to see an abundance of clown fish, triggerfish and banner fish to name just a few. 

It is not only the fish that attract hundreds of visitors throughout the year, but also the array of soft and hard coral and the incredible underwater photo opportunities.

Top Tips

Most of the boat companies on the Gili Islands will run multiple trips to BASK Nest during the day, but we suggest getting there early to avoid the crowds.

BASK Nest is swimming distance from the shore and is opposite the BASK sign on Gili Meno. With water temperatures of around 28 degrees, your standard swimmers will be fine for viewing it.

Don’t forget your snorkel and flippers

Take your underwater camera to capture the incredible experience

See some of the most recent pictures on Instagram @BASKGILIMENO or #basknest

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