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The popularity of the Gili Islands has surged over the past 5 years thanks to increased recognition of their natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. Within this time, land prices have increased by more than 100%. 10-year projections show significant growth and ongoing strength for Gili Islands tourism into the future.

Luxury accommodation is scarce in the Gilis. This scarcity has motivated positive occupancy rates at high-end hotels. As the first top-end resort of its kind across the Islands, BASK presents investors with a chance to access the premium side of a market that is in the early stages of a self-sustaining upswing.

Bill Barnett, Managing Director of C9 Hotelworks—a leading hospitality consulting firm specialising in tourism, hotel and property development in the Asia Pacific region—forecasts extremely strong growth for Gili Islands tourism. With over two decades in hospitality management across the Asia Pacific, Barnett projects that more and more travellers will be seeking sophisticated and secluded destinations in this region as time goes on.

Despite their relatively small size, the Gili islands and the surrounding region of Bali make a measurable impact on Indonesia’s economy, which boasts one of the world’s fastest growing tourism industries. Indonesia’s tourism grew by an impressive 7.8% in 2018 (Tourism Ministry, 2018). In 2019 tourism contributed 4.8% to Indonesian GDP (Indonesian Ministry of Tourism).

Indonesia welcomed 16.1m visitors in 2019. In terms of growth, travel and tourism, this is over three times higher compared to the region (Southeast Asia) and global growth

In addition to the Indonesian government increasing the number of countries eligible for the Free Tourist Visa; improvements to infrastructure - air, road and sea, is seen as an essential part in assisting general economic development and is a key focus of Indonesia’s development plan. Tourism is expected to continue trending upwards and specifically in regions such as Lombok / Gilis with the governments ‘10 New Balis’ project aimed at replicating the success of Bali as a tourist hub.

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Jason DeCaires Taylor

BASK is proud to house BASK Nest – a stunning underwater exhibition by celebrated artist, Jason deCaires Taylor. The installation is both an artistic and environmental project, serving to enrich the reef and BASK’s position as a world-class art destination.



BASK has been internationally recognised for its architectural magnitude, ecological awareness and attention to detail. As well as winning Company of the Year in the Luxury Residential Developer category at Indonesia’s IAIR Awards in 2017, BASK holds numerous other honours. These include, Best New Hotel Construction and Design, Best Architectural Design, Best Landscape Architectural Design and many more. This commitment to innovative design is underpinned through the Team's creative forces. Gary Fell has won international recognition for his resort projects, including being named best architect in the world for a multiple residence development by Bloomberg Google.


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