Bask’s interview with Trash Hero Gili Meno

Bask’s interview with Trash Hero Gili Meno


Trash Hero is an international non-profit organization with members sharing one goal: to spread awareness of
the importance of managing waste and to encourage others to act positively to make the world a better place
by freeing their environment from the trash. They aim to educate children as the next generation in managing
trash, the impact of trash on the environment, and what every person can do to help.

The Gili Meno operation started when brothers Sulman and Hadi were introduced to Trash Hero by a friend
from the Czech Republic. They began regular Monday beach clean-ups, rewarding participants with drink
discounts. The brothers saw how the program moved people and worked to involve more of the locals in
maintaining the environment and join in activities that contribute to the island’s sustainability.

The trash for rice program has been particularly successful, where local people bring 10 plastic water bottles
filled with trash in exchange for 3 kilograms of rice. The bottles were then turned into eco-bricks, used to build
walls in the Gili Meno village. Trash Hero also provides free books to children that explain responsible trash
management in a fun and exciting way, to encourage the mindset of the importance of a clean environment,
from a young age. Each Sunday at 4 pm children are invited to clean up the beaches and bring the recyclable
trash to Brotherhood Workshop, where they express their creativity by making jewelry, decorations, glass
engravings, and much more.

Trash Hero Gili Meno’s 5-year goal is to achieve a point of zero waste, zero plastic with the support of BASK
and the Gili Meno community. They believe that this can be achieved through education, focusing especially on
the next generation.
Outside of the time spent at their workshop, Sulman loves island life activities like diving, snorkeling, and
fishing. And Hadi loves music – he is a singer and guitarist of the Brotherhood Band. Both are also actively
involved in various coral rehabilitation programs.

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